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Pokémon Go: Go Fest 2020 Day One
Pokémon Go: Go Fest 2020 Day One

Today (well, yesterday) I took part in the first day of this year’s Pokémon Go Fest event. Usually this is a ticketed event held at cities around the world, I believe last year had events take place in Chicago and Dortmund along with others. But due to the ongoing situation with the pandemic, Niantic have made it possible to play from the comfort of your own home. (more…)

Animal Crossing: Goodbye, Claudia Horizon Zero Dawn Coming to PC on 7th August F-Zero: Please Don’t Tease Me Like This Nintendo! Mandatory Welcome Post
Mandatory Welcome Post

Hello and welcome to PeeJay’s Two Coins Blog. I am Peter, and this is my little corner of the internet where I will be talking about nothing but video games! Shock, horror!

Here you should expect to find articles relating to gaming news and announcements along with my takes. This will be limited to news that piqued my interest, instead of absolutely everything because let’s face it, I’d be here all day and nobody wants that, especially me! Another frequent feature will be stories about my experiences with games, although I must warn you my current gaming obsession is Animal Crossing, so you’ll be hearing a lot about that!

Impressions, reviews and retrospectives also aren’t out of the question. If you like what you see so far, stick around and make yourself at home! 🙂