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Animal Crossing: Goodbye, Claudia
Animal Crossing: Goodbye, Claudia

Two things in Animal Crossing are certain, initial crippling debt and villagers wanting to escape your island!

This week, Claudia The Tiger became the sixth villager to leave sunny Honey Bay. Our interactions were always pleasant, with the exception of that one time when I didn’t side with her in a disagreement with Rodney the Hamster. Despite not seeing her as often on my treks around the island, I will miss her.

Claudia’s snootiness shining through!

The first villager to ask to leave was Rowan the Jock Tiger, I said no because he was one of my originals and I liked having him around. Although he happily agreed to stay, I felt a little bit of guilt for being an obstruction in pursuing his dreams of happiness elsewhere. Since this occurence, I have always agreed that villagers leave if they want to, even if they are one of my favourites (I’m looking at you, Wendy!).

I seem to be playing this game wrong, as a number of other players in the Animal Crossing community are obsessed at pursuing the perfect line-up of villagers i.e. Raymond, Marshal, Beau, Sherb etc. To achieve the dream, they bully unwanted villagers into leaving and prevent members of the A-Team from leaving. I don’t see the point of this, as new villagers joining your island, no matter who they are keeps things fresh and over time I’ve grown to like the less desireable villagers.

I spent much of yesterday making numerous Nook Miles Island trips to find a replacement, unfortunately I couldn’t find anyone who fit what I was looking for – a smug or cranky villager that did not clash with existing animal types. Today I learned that Joey the Duck is going to fill the slot vacated by Claudia. The ‘traitor’ originated from a friend’s island – I have already agreed to let her visit and hit him with a net. That’ll learn him!

Each time a villager leaves Honey Bay, I add their portrait to the garden of remembrance

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