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E3 2021: Nintendo Direct Predikshuns

It’s E3 season again, and do you know what that means? It’s time for our expectations to shoot through the roof and beyond for the upcoming Nintendo Direct presentation. Every year we expect the world and get our hopes dashed, but we’re going to be realistic this year, aren’t we? Absolutely not!

Nintendo’s 40 minute software presentation will be taking place at 17:00 (GMT) on Tuesday, 15th July, which means a lot of people who are incapable of calming their expectations will be extremely disappointed by 17:40. Unless you have seen a leaked agenda, it’s pretty much impossible to fully guess what will be shown, but damn it, I’m going to try! Here’s how I expect Tuesday’s Direct to go down

No Nintendo Pro
Yep, I wouldn’t hold my breath for anything regarding the New Super Nintendo Switch 64 U Deluxe, it is a software showing after all. It says so on the website:

On June 15th, Nintendo will host its all-virtual E3 2021 activity. Tune in at 17:00 (UK time) for a Nintendo Direct presentation, featuring roughly 40 minutes of information exclusively on Nintendo Switch software, mostly releasing in 2021.

The earliest I expect to see any news about the new Switch is early July as the 81st Annual Meeting of the Shareholders will be taking place on the 29th of June.

Stuff we already know
Be prepared for at least a quarter of the running time to be taken up by new information about games that have already been announced or downloadable content for existing games.

Mario Golf: Super Rush – We’re on the final straight before this game’s release, so it would make sense to push this title.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – Another game with an imminent release, I expect to see a few more tidbits about this, hopefully some new information?

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl & Pokémon Legends: Arceus – More details about these forthcoming Pokémon games.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Update 2.0 is greatly anticipated, what will this bring in terms of new content? Apparently, Brewster and a new building (kappa), a museum upgrade and expanded islands etc. if rumours/data leaks are to be believed. We’ll probably get more items/holiday updates just to play with our emotions.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate – A new character DLC or two. But who will it be? Probably another sword guy from the multitude of JRPGs. Maybe Halo’s Master Chief? Nah…

JRPGs aplenty!
It’s a genre I’m not particularly interested in, but I’m not going to deny that there is a humongous market for it that Nintendo will definitely want to appeal to during their showing.

The Legend of Zelda’s 35th Anniversary
They announced the HD release of Skyward Sword during the last Direct, that can’t be all can it? I’m hoping to hear news about Breath of The Wild 2, an All-Stars-style collection of games or maybe a new Zelda title – think A Link Between Worlds. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if this news maybe saved for later on in the Summer as that was when the Mario anniversary announcements were made last year.

A new Mario game
If a new Mario game is to be announced, I’m not sure which direction Nintendo will take. Most seem to want a Mario Odyssey 2, but I reckon what we’ll get will be closer to the more open-worldness of Bowser’s Fury, or it’ll be a hybrid of the two. Either way, everyone wins!

The missing games
You know the ones I mean, the duo of games that got announced long ago that we haven’t heard a single peep about since – Metroid Prime 4 and Bayonetta 3. Nintendo may make us wait longer as both titles are ideal candidates for showcasing a certain hardware upgrade *coughs*.

Something fitness-related
The world is slowly re-opening from the Covid-19 pandemic, but there is still an appetite for getting the ol’ exercising done in the comfort of one’s own home. So hopefully we’ll see a new Ringfit title or maybe something completely new?

Mario Kart 9
It’s been 7 years, Nintendo, time for something new. You know it to be true.

I’m never going to not hope for this one, even if it’s a remastered version of GX with a bolted on online multiplayer mode, I’ll take it!

And there we have it, these are my predictions. They will most probably be completely wrong, but at least I tried!

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