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F-Zero: Please Don’t Tease Me Like This Nintendo!
F-Zero: Please Don’t Tease Me Like This Nintendo!

The internet just can’t help itself when it comes to sniffing around the plans of games companies, especially during the summer dry period. In recent weeks we have seen a few Twitter handles pop up for assorted un-released Nintendo titles, and it appears that a new one has been found.

According to Video Games Chronicle, the protected Twitter handle @FZeroJP was registered earlier this year, and is making use of a Nintendo email address for verification – a similar address was used for @SuperMario35th.

Like with news stories relating to trademark renewals and patent updates, this is probably just a formality, but it gets the imaginations running into overdrive, doesn’t it? A new F-Zero title is long overdue since we haven’t seen a proper mainline game in the franchise since 2003 (I don’t count the Gameboy Advance games). At this point most younger Nintendo gamers will only know the F-Zero characters from the Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8 games, so I believe it is the perfect time to let F-Zero out of the bag.

But how would they go about it? In an interview back in 2012, Shigeru Miyamoto seemed surprised that F-Zero proved to be very popular in a French survey, and seemingly quashed the possibility of a new title, by stating there was nowhere to take the series:

Miyamoto: [eyes open wide] I am really pleased to hear Twitter’s opinion, because since the first episode on SNES many games have been made but the series has evolved very little. I thought people had grown weary of it.

I’d like to say: Thank you very much and try to wait by playing Nintendo Land’s F-Zero mini-game.
I am also very curious and I’d like to ask those people: Why F-Zero? What do you want that we haven’t done before?

I say lets put the gyroscopes in the joycons and the Nintendo Online subscription to good use, come on Nintendo, you know it makes sense!

Update – 20/07/18
The FZeroJP Twitter handle has proven to be a hoax after a strange semi-pornographic video was posted, complete with the F-Zero theme playing – it’s not graphic, but whether it’s safe for work, I’ll let you decide. Not going to lie, it’s pretty hilarious and whoever set up the account got us good!

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