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Pokémon Go: Go Fest 2020
Pokémon Go: Go Fest 2020

Today (well, yesterday) I took part in the first day of this year’s Pokémon Go Fest event. Usually this is a ticketed event held at cities around the world, I believe last year had events take place in Chicago and Dortmund along with others. But due to the ongoing situation with the pandemic, Niantic have made it possible to play from the comfort of your own home.

Day one took place between 10am and 8pm, with each hour’s spawns being designated to particular group/type of Pokémon. You were given a small set of tasks to complete, which to be honest weren’t too taxing and there was more than enough time to complete them. I finished all assigned tasks within the first three hours. Alongside the solo tasks were team tasks where players around the world were required to collectively complete certain tasks such as completing raids or sending gifts in order to unlock other bonus good such as extra catch candies etc.

Shinies were boosted, with several new Pokémon being added to the shiny pool such as Unown (G, O), Heatmor, Qwilfish, Durant, Gible, Tangela, Jigglypuff and Woobat. Over the course of the time I played I was able to obtain shinies for Machop, Dratini, Seedot, Heatmor, Gible and Pikachu, which wasn’t too bad – especially since my shiny luck in recent months has been pretty dire outside of raids and egg hatches.

Overall day one wasn’t particularly exciting and I didn’t feel the need to grind the game for the full length of the day, as I’d been lucky earlier on with shinies and I had no interest in hunting for 100% IV ‘mons.

Day two looks like it will be an improvement. Australians are currently streaming Day Two of the event, which seems to be far more interesting as Pokémon spawns are no longer restricted by the hour and there’s more Team Go Rocket involvement.

For full information about what happened task-wise on Day One, you can view the Silph Road Megathread on Reddit here.

Update: Welp, this article was supposed to the first of a two-parter. Unfortunately, I fell ill on the Sunday morning and could not participate.

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