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Horizon Zero Dawn Coming to PC on 7th August
Horizon Zero Dawn Coming to PC on 7th August

Guerilla Games have finally penciled in the release date for the PC port of one of the Playstation 4’s most well-renowned games – Horizon Zero Dawn.

The Complete Edition (all expansions and DLC included) will launch on the 7th August on both the Steam and Epic Games Stores. Early screenshots and trailers have shown a significant upgrade from what you can find on the PS4/PS4 Pro. This version boasts all the usual features you would expect to see from a PC port including an unlocked framerate, ultra-wide support and improved visuals.

You can watch the trailer here:

It was disappointing to see that Guerilla were receiving some backlash for this news as the negative replies mounted on their announcement tweet. Some Playstation fans appear to be obsessed by exclusives and believe releasing this game will diminish the value of their console of choice.

Sadly it seems that people are not seeing the bigger picture. It is a good move on Sony/Guerilla’s part to expand the player base prior to the release of next year’s sequel. Those who were previously not familiar with the series may find themselves interested in the sequel and in turn purchase a PS5, or a Playstation Now subscription – if the sequel is part of the service.

Releasing older exclusives on the PC is not going to kill the platform, I seriously doubt there will be parity between the PS5 and PC release of the Horizon Zero Dawn sequel or any further first party titles, if Sony even considers it in the first place!

The only advice I can give to those getting hot-headed over this news is to keep enjoying the games you love on the platform of your choice. More people playing on alternative platforms is not going to ruin your experience, no matter how much you think it will.

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